Mr. Wilson Made it Home!

Mr. Wilson Made it Home!
Mr. Wilson

Saturday, June 28, 2014

For the love of cats and dogs

Their time here on earth is short, about 1/5 of the time that we humans have. But what is time, anyway, when the only thing that matters is the moment you are in? You could live a million years or a minute, and nothing in the moment you exist in would be any different: it is there, and so are you, and in that moment in time everything is as it should be.

I like to sit with my dog and cats, more often my dog but that is only because he tends to like to be glued to my side whenever I’m around; the cats give me a little love and then off they go to wherever it is that cats go off to. Every minute that I spend with them is time well spent, and to think that for them, their time with me, comparatively speaking lasts five times as long, well, that is just awesome. They don’t wonder if there is somebody better to hang around with, or a better movie on TV, or something more fun to do, they are the epitome of devotion.

We can learn a lot from the creatures that we share our existence with. Why must we believe that our way is always the right way? By simply taking a piece of the dog and cat philosophy on living we can find just the amount of tranquility that we need that allows us to function in the chaotic world that we have created, and need to participate in lest we starve and end up homeless.

As cool as cats and dogs are, I’ve yet to see one of them take care of a human, for any length of time. But I have seen that the way they operate has value, and if we can emulate their modus operandi for, let’s say one fifth of our waking hours, perhaps our lives will be a little less chaotic, a little more peaceful and ultimately a lot more fulfilling.

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