Mr. Wilson Made it Home!

Mr. Wilson Made it Home!
Mr. Wilson

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Boy Who Talked to Dogs on Mr. Wilson

Martin McKenna is a bestselling author and Australian Dog Communicator.  His latest book, the boy who talked to dogs tells his story, and from what I have read it is an amazing one.

He wrote the following endorsement after reading an advance copy of my book, Mr. Wilson Makes it Home. 

Thank you, Martin for the kind words and for understanding the heart of the book. 


Michael Morse is a retired Rescue Captain from Providence, Rhode Island Fire Department and for years was the first to arrive at emergency scenes responding to desperate 911 calls – so he’s learned to recognize a miracle unfolding before his eyes when he sees one.

When Mr Wilson, a cute-looking schnoodle (schnauzer-cross-poodle) arrives across country from a dog rescue service – Michael has a powerful epiphany. As he holds this once abused dog in his arms for the first time, he realizes miracles may be small things that happen to you. It’s just that they manage to pierce through ordinary life and touch the soul profoundly.

As comically mustached Mr Wilson becomes part of their lives, he continues to work his instinctive dog wisdom on those around him. Suddenly the big dreams of fancy cars and lavish vacations that never happened aren’t worth mourning. The niggling issues in his relationship with his wife are unimportant. And the trauma Michael has been carrying around from his years as a Rescue Captain begins to feel lighter.

Ultimately, Michael and his wife come to realize their life together is a wonderful success in the deepest sense – they have lived a good life worth living. It just took Mr Wilson to help them see the truth.

This begins as a gentle book and grows more powerful with each chapter. It’s about how adopting a rescue dog can help transform your life into a thing of beauty you can be proud of, simply by changing the way you think. As you turn the pages, Mr Wilson and his unforgettably resilient humans will sneak inside your heart and teach you things – even while they ‘love you up!’

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