Mr. Wilson Made it Home!

Mr. Wilson Made it Home!
Mr. Wilson

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Signed Copies of Mr. Wilson Makes it Home

Signed copies of Mr. Wilson Makes it Home available here for a limited time, thank you for ordering!

Some reviews:

"Mr Wilson Makes It Home is an enjoyable story that touches on far more than training; it helps us understand just how important sharing our lives with our pets is and how best to get the most of every moment we spend with them." —Zak George, Animal Planet dog trainer and producer of YouTube's #1 Dog Training show "Zak George's Dog Training Revolution"

"Reading Mr. Wilson Makes It Home was not like reading a book at all—it was like having lunch with Michael Morse. And now that I have finished the book, I find myself missing him, his wife, and of course Mr. Wilson! I wish I could walk next door and see them again. This is a wonderful story of puppy love, adoption, the importance of spay and neutering, and of course falling in love with Mr. Wilson. Anyone who has ever had a dog and who is an animal lover will love this book." —Ellie Laks, author of My Gentle Barn

“A gentle book that grows more powerful with each chapter. Adopting a rescue dog can help transform your life into a thing of beauty you can be proud of, simply by changing the way you think. As you turn the pages, Mr. Wilson and his unforgettably resilient humans will sneak inside your heart and teach you how to live again—even while they ‘love you up!’” —Martin McKenna, author of The Boy Who Talked to Dogs

"This is a heartwarming story written with passion and love. Michael Morse is a gifted writer and an amazing storyteller." —Michael Corrente, award-winning film director and producer

"Mr. Wilson Makes It Home tells the story of how one little dog can turn a troubled home into a good one. Morse bares his soul in this moving tale and, in the process, stumbles upon solutions to issues that long tethered his life to heartache, illustrating again the benefit of the love that only pets can contribute to our lives. This book highlights the opportunity to save the lives of rescue dogs across the country and holds out hope that, in so doing, our own lives will improve." —Bruce R. Coston, DVM, author of Ask the Animals and The Gift of Pets

About the Authors:

 Michael Morse is a retired firefighter who received the Robert and Margaret MacColl Johnson Fellowship from the Rhode Island Foundation this past year. He is the author of Rescuing Providence and Responding as well as numerous essays. He is a monthly columnist on the websites Fire Engineering and EMS World. He resides in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Cheryl Morse lives in Rhode Island with her family, owns a local business, and enjoys taking care of the people and animals in her life that depend on her.

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