Mr. Wilson Made it Home!

Mr. Wilson Made it Home!
Mr. Wilson

Friday, May 30, 2014

Fostering Friendship

It is the Foster families that are the engine of the Pet Rescue world. These are the people behind the scenes whose names and faces are relatively unknown, whose Facebook pages don't get dozens or hundreds or thousands of likes, and who do the hard work of taking care of the homeless twenty-four hours a day while working, raising families of their own and being productive members of society. These are the people who make all of the great work that the rescues do possible, and without them the lives of thousands of animals would be forfeit. Every day.

Cheri, the lady from Arkansas who fostered Mr. Wilson had him for over a month, and a bond between them was formed, and Tippy, her "other" dog loved him as well, but they had to let him go when we found him, and that was hard for them, but they went through with what they had agreed to, and made sure Mr. Wilson made it to the vet, and packed his things and put him on the bus up north, in Wilson's case Alpha Dog Pet Transport.

A year and a few months have passed, and we still call Cheri now and then, or she calls us, and we share pictures between us, not always of the dogs; for there are gardens growing here, and there, and family things, work and the effort of living to share. Invitations have been extended for "up here" and "down there" and we hope to someday meet in person.By fostering a homeless dog Cheri has also fostered a friendship between people.

There is kindness in this world, and a great way to find it is by being involved in something bigger than ourselves. Mr. Wilson may be tiny in stature, but the spirit that resides in him, and transcended thousands of miles, and while doing so connected people in his path is immense.

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  1. <3 Thank God for the earth bound Angels that put the needs of animals in crisis ahead of themselves ! <3