Mr. Wilson Made it Home!

Mr. Wilson Made it Home!
Mr. Wilson

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


A year ago Mr.Wilson was alone, abandoned and hungry. He was a lost soul without purpose, just a wanderer on life's busy highway. Without people to notice him, and see in him the good and kindness that he so desperately wants to convey the spirit within would never have a chance to flourish, and would have remained buried deep within him, begging for a chance to be freed.

We adopted him because we wanted a dog. What we got was a dog, but that dog grows with us every day, and his innate goodness is contagious, and through his example of simple existence for the sake of it we have learned to slow down, breathe and enjoy the moment. Yeah, we're a work in progress, that much is evident, but by seeking serenity, and having a little creature underfoot who lives it, the journey is a good one, and we're making progress. Mr. Wilson may not be perfect, but he's not worried about that, he's a passenger on life's highway now, his days of wandering lost are behind him.

There are tens of thousands of dogs like him waiting for adoption.
Maybe it is time to begin your own journey.


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