Mr. Wilson Made it Home!

Mr. Wilson Made it Home!
Mr. Wilson

Friday, March 7, 2014

Getting Warm

It has been nearly a year that we first set eyes on Mr. Wilson, his eyes looking through our computer screen and sinking into ours. He managed to stand out over the thousands of homeless dogs that were displayed on various pet adoption sites. Every one of those "other" dogs has the potential to give just as much meaning, fun and a sense of balance to anybody who chooses to adopt them, for in a dog resides the perfect combination of thought, feeling and energy. Mr. Wilson was made for us, and we for him, of that I am certain. Sometimes the universe works so perfectly I have to stop what I'm doing, stop what I'm thinking, sit down in a warm spot, preferable with the sun shining on me, pick up my dog, let him nestle in and be thankful for the miracle sitting in my arms.

Then we take a walk to the beach, and he finds dead things and rolls in whatever it is that had the misfortune of washing up on shore, chases some birds, runs up to people who don't know how awesome he is, refuses to come when I call him, but then runs toward me as soon as he realizes he's too far away, pulls on his leash, poops on a cranky old coot's driveway and tries to take a bite of a hundred pound pitbull who just wanted to say hi.

With his morning work done, he finds a quiet spot to rest, and get ready for the afternoon's adventure.

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