Mr. Wilson Made it Home!

Mr. Wilson Made it Home!
Mr. Wilson

Monday, March 17, 2014


Is the ability to forgive something that must be learned, or is it part of all living things? Somebody treated Ole' Mr. Wilson badly, and he might have not forgiven that person, but there isn't a speck of resentment or bitterness in that little brain of his. He's gotten over the pain that put him on the road around this time last year when a nice lady from Arkansas rescued him and began the process that ended when he arrived here.

I'm glad he has the  ability to forgive, for forgiveness releases us from our past and allows us to experience life fresh every day, and to cast off the baggage that accumulates as life progresses. Pain, lonliness and sorrow are heavy burdens to bear. Not that long ago a little dog was chained to a coal stove in a cold barn with icicles frozen to his face and no food to eat or water to drink, but he managed to let that all go, and to accept the gifts that destiny had in store for him.

It would be a terrible thing to live here, in our home, with all of the love and food and water and acceptance anybody could imagine, and to not be able to bask in it, and enjoy it, and know that it is real, because it IS real, just as real as that old coal stove, only the stove is gone, and the love is eternal.

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