Mr. Wilson Made it Home!

Mr. Wilson Made it Home!
Mr. Wilson

Friday, November 28, 2014

No Tricks for Food!~

We have a deal, Mr. Wilson and I; I don't beg when he's eating, and he doesn't beg when I am. It works well, this system I have devised, there is no table side drama, no reprimands, no hurt feelings and no overweight Mr. Wilsons!

Another thing that I do at feeding time is to prepare the meal for the little guy, and even though it's just some dry kibbles, a little hot water and a teaspoon of wet food I make a big deal out of it. When the feast is ready, i walk it over to the feeding place, which is always in the same place and wait for Mr. Wilson to sit. I then place the dish on his tray, and within a few seconds release him from "sit" and let him have at it.

I do not believe in making my pets do tricks for their food. They do not have to perform for cookies. They have jobs to do, nobody gets a free ride, but tricks? I think it's barbaric.

The cats have an easy job, they just have to look pretty and cuddle every now and then. Mr. Wilson has it a little harder, He is the guardian of our property, and is also my partner when we go on our neighborhood watch. To the casual observer it would appear that the tall man walking the little dog is just that, man and dog going for a walk. But if you look closely, and listen well you will find that we are far more than just casual walkers; we are scanning the horizon for crooks, and making sure everything is in place, and keeping wild animals in the woods where they belong!

It's a tough job, and Mr. Wilson does it well. There is no need for him to grovel at my feet at dinnertime.That is his time, and I let him have it. And we all sleep better when we're fed and happy!

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