Mr. Wilson Made it Home!

Mr. Wilson Made it Home!
Mr. Wilson

Friday, November 7, 2014

Pawprint Press

Michaiah and Abigail Kojoian are two local kids whom I have never met that have taken the time to create The Pawprint Press. I was Pet Supplies Plus getting food and stuff tor Lunabelle, Victorie Mae and Mr. Wilson and saw some copies of the newsletter, had a minute so I thumbed through, not knowing quite what to expect.

There were pictures and stories of homeless pets for adoption at the Cranston Animal Shelter, some tips on keeping fleas, tics and mosquitoes at bay and a nice story about an animal rescue written by Michaiah. The stories that accompanied the pets for adoption were great, as was everything about the newsletter.

Have you ever been taked by surprize by a well of emotion while in a public place? Well, I have, and it happenned right there while I waited my turn in line. It wasn't the homeless animals that got to me, rather it was the two kids whose faces are a mystery to me who took the time to visit the shelter and create from nothing a newsletter that exists soley for the purpose of finding these animals a home.

Some people say the youth of today is lost, spends all day playing with their devices and have lost their soul. I say BALONEY! The evidence of a generation of people who have the heart and soul needed to keep our world a beautiful place for the next is right in front of us if we choose to acknowledge it.  If these two kids are any indication our world will continue to be inhabited by kindness and grace, and I'm happy that I found out about them, and hope to someday tell them how awesome they are in person!

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