Mr. Wilson Made it Home!

Mr. Wilson Made it Home!
Mr. Wilson

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bad Dog?

 I used to be a fireman. I saw a lot in twenty-two years. Some of the worst things I ever saw was the way animals were treated. Pit Bulls took the worst of it. There's a lot of "tough guys" in the inner city who don't deserve the privilege to have a dog. I wrote this after encountering one such individual. (the dog was beautiful by the way, and actually looked repentant when we arrived on scene.)

"All day, nothin to do, think I'll lay on this couch, now I'll take a nap, now I'll look out the window, nobody home, can't wait. Boy it's hot up here, when are they coming home? Think I'll take a nap, look out the window, drink some water, get on the couch, where are they?

Nothin to do, take a nap, look out the window, water's gone, have to pee, better not do it here, look out the window, soon I hope, when are they coming home? Getting dark, I'm hungry, sit on the couch take a nap, forget I'm hungry, can't wait, is that them?

Not yet, gotta pee bad, no water in my bowl, lay on the couch, look out the window, take a nap, lay on the couch...wait, what's that?

Oh boy, here they are,come on dad, hurry up, I gotta pee, oh boy, finally I hate to be alone, come on dad, I've been good all day, it's hot up here, let me out, I'm dying up here, please hurry. Closer now, the door's opening, oh boy, they're home!

Ouch! Why did he do that? Ouch! Come on dad, cut it out. I know that smell, oh no, here comes another one. Ouch! That hurts. I get it, you're the alpha male, I'm the dog. Ouch, jeez, I just had to pee soo bad, Ouch! For god's sake, man Ouch...

One more and I'm going to lose it...Ouch!"

The family pet attacked his owners tonight. A man and his wife had been out drinking. When they got home after being gone all day the man started teasing his dog. He had him since he was a puppy, seven years ago. He couldn't figure out why his dog snapped. I covered his hand that had been nearly bitten in half and put a trauma dressing on his other arm, bone, muscle and tendons were showing before it was dressed. We needed another rescue for his wife. And animal control to take the dog away.

He'll be put down by weeks end.

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