Mr. Wilson Made it Home!

Mr. Wilson Made it Home!
Mr. Wilson

Monday, February 10, 2014

Spirits on the Beach

Once, they were wolves. Time brings forth change, and few species have changed as much as the dog. Nature runs its course, and nothing stays the same for very long, and things adapt to their surroundings. I am glad that nature saw fit to evolve some of the wolf species into domestic pets, creatures evolution has created to appeal to us humans; their soulful expressions, the way they know when they are needed most, their ability to make us crazy, and fill us with joy - all in in single moment. With their evolution comes a price that we must pay for the privilege of their companionship. They need us. We cannot just let them be, like we can wild animals, or they will revert to those erstwhile creatures who avoid human contact, and live amongst their own, members of the animal kingdom who are better off without us. We have formed a partnership with the domestic dog. They have given up much to provide us with the comfort of their companionship; it is up to us to keep them safe, and comfortable, and loved. Zimba and Lakota lived with us for almost twelve years, he was a Wold-hybrid and she a Siberian Husky. They left us on the same day four years ago, and I miss them terribly. I never thought I would love another dog; it's just too hard to lose them, but Mr. Wilson came along, and inside of him lives the spirit of all of the dogs that came before him, and I see and feel the spirit of the ones I have been fortunate enough to know.


  1. Hi Michael, thanks for visiting A Scratch Behind the Ears. I stopped by to see your blog and have had fun reading the posts. Was just planning to read the most recent one, but then got curious about Mr. Wilson and the transport and had to read them all! It's funny, I've volunteered with a pet rescue and occasionally they pack up all these dogs and do a transport north... but I don't know much about it and have no idea what happens once they get up there. It looks like you got Mr. Wilson from just such a transport. He's a cutie! Glad you found each other.

    1. Thanks Brenda, the fun begins when they make it home, thank you for helping start the journey!