Mr. Wilson Made it Home!

Mr. Wilson Made it Home!
Mr. Wilson

Friday, February 21, 2014


From the book, Mr. Wilson Makes it Home, Fall 2014     

"We have a good dog, and we are grateful. But a good dog does not a wonderful life make. Without love, compassion and a lot of gratitude and understanding the greatest dog in the world wouldn’t make a bit of difference in our, or anybody’s life. Seeing, understanding and appreciating the kindness that is embodied in Mr. Wilson is the most important aspect of fully enjoying life with him. Countless great dogs live out their lives in shelters or worse, their inherent goodness going unnoticed by the very people that their species has become dependent on."

Accepting the dog for who is, and accepting the gift of him or her is the first step toward fully enjoying each other. I think that works with people, too.

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