Mr. Wilson Made it Home!

Mr. Wilson Made it Home!
Mr. Wilson

Friday, February 28, 2014

The Neighborhood Watch

He takes his job seriously, does Mr. Wilson, and he is remarkably good at it. For ours are more than leisurely walks without purpose, a chance meeting of like species or watering the neighborhood foliage; we are THE NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH!

We step outside and he is instantly alert, his sniffer making sure there are no unidentified scents to be had. If something is amiss he leads me toward the intruder, and we scout the area until he is satisfied, and he seals the perimeter with a stream of liquid identifier. Once that task is complete we can move on, and do further investigations. His eyes see all, his ears hear every peep, but it is that schnozola of his that ferrets out the crooks and robbers, and keeps the people he is sworn to protect safe.

A dog without a job gets lazy, and lazy dogs are bored dogs, and bored dogs do silly things, and dogs that do silly things get in trouble, and all of the fun that having a dog brings along gets lost, and instead of a partner, a friend and somebody to share escapades with we are stuck with half the pet we could have if we just let ourselves go now and then, be a little silly and work with the dogs who love nothing more than spending time with us, taking care of business.

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  1. What a gorgeous dog Michael, just adorable. I do hope you and yours are well and happy - I am coming for a little holiday to your great country next week - alas not near Rhode Island - just a trip to parts of California, still I am mighty excited!! Life goes on well with good memories filling my mind these days - I am lucky to have kind and loving friends and enjoy my travels very much. Sending love and all very best wishes to you my friend - keep well and happy x