Mr. Wilson Made it Home!

Mr. Wilson Made it Home!
Mr. Wilson

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Roadside Inspiration

On a brisk April morning, a parking lot full of people waited expectantly for our dogs to arrive. We waited, together but separate, families, couples, single men and women bonded by the humanity that compelled us to adopt or foster a homeless animal. Right on time a red tractor trailer appeared on the horizon, pulling a white trailer, and in that trailer our dogs waited, not knowing what to expect. Then, the magic began. A collective happy to be alive moment that lasted well over an hour enveloped all of us, and our dogs were delivered, and we went our separate ways, each holding onto the precious memories of that moment and the part of our lives that had been missing. For the dogs, their four day trip from “down south” was over. For us, the journey had just begun. So begins my story. Mr. Wilson Makes it Home is a book, (available everywhere, Fall 2014) and now a blog describing the weeks that follow this inspirational rendezvous at exit 89 off of Route 395 in Connecticut. The book and blog talks about love, and loss, and hope. It has moments of hilarity and heartbreak, training tips for dogs and humans, compassion, giving, taking, eating, laughing, and appreciating the rare moments of grace that make our existence not simply worthwhile, but magnificent. Too often we bask in the negativity that surrounds us, and dwell on the things that didn’t happen, or should have. But unplanned, unexpected and unbelievable moments do happen. Periodic glimpses of bliss have the ability to grab us by the throat, shake us to the core, clear our sight and give us the clarity of mind and presence of body to stop everything, breathe deeply, open our arms, turn toward the sun, feel its warmth on our skin and bask in the greatness and serenity that the moment has bestowed upon us. To feel it, and acknowledge it, and know that it is true, and accept the moment as a gift to be treasured is the most important thing a person can do. I will never forget the perfect moment that Mr. Wilson arrived, and through the words in my book, and these blog posts hope to recapture what was for me, and people everywhere who have experienced the magic that happens at these roadside rendezvous a truly wonderful experience. And hopefully, somebody will read these words, and feel inspired, and adopt a homeless pet of their own!

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